Friday, 11 July 2014

Broken Hearted


all because of HIM!

Zac Efron is reportedly been locking lips with Michelle Rodriguez in Sardinia!

Why is this such a shocker?

  • He's 26 and she's 35
  • She was dating Cara Delavigne (UK Supermodel) just last month. Loads of pics of them locking lips too (bulan puasa la, no need to Google!)

He looks super sweet tho, covering her, kissing her head, stroking her hair (I wish that was me!)

They went on a horse back riding date the day after where Zac decided to feast our eyes by taking off his shirt and showcasing his abs!

I wonder how they hooked up? They have been hanging around together  with Gianluca Vachi an Italian business man. It seems that he (Gianluca) has been hosting them two. That's another odd thing, why did Gianluca invite them two?? Maybe separately he likes them as actor/actress and invited them to go on holiday with him? I truly wonder!

Okla enuff goss for today!

but just another quick one....Eva Mendes is 7 months pregnant with Ryan Gosling's baby?!
7 MONTHS!! Where has SHE been hiding??!! But what beautiful baby that would be !

ok ok DAH! have a nice Friday all

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