Friday, 11 July 2014

Bros Bottle Haul

I read from the two Sabrina's blogs (Sabby Prue and Sabrina Tajudin) that Bros were having a 30% discount site wide. Plus with the code BFF30, you also get a free bottle brush.

I have been a Bros bottle user since Nazrin was born. Bought 3 straw bottles so far (the first two went MIA on me!) so I wanted get the strap so that it's easier to carry around. So off I went to the site to get the strap and put that in my basket. Then I thought, I should get a little bottle for myself so that I can carry it around in my handbag. So I got a small 300ml screw cap bottle. Then I threw in spare straws too coz I had old mouldy straws. YUCKS!

Yesterday my loot arrived!

Bros Bottle Loot

Loved my tiny bottle which I filled up prior to going home, just in case I have to break my fast in the car. When I got home, I was super excited to put on the strap for Nazrin's bottle but to my dismay, I GOT THE WRONG ONE! Grrrr!!!! It won't fit coz I got the narrow one when I should have gotten the WIDE one. So geram coz the main reason I went on the website was to get the STRAP! But I guess I can use it for my small bottle coz it's a waste to just get one strap and pay for the RM6 postage.

Anyways do check out their website as they carry loads of different type from straw bottles, aluminum, screw caps and even lunch boxes (ALL BPA FREE). Love their quirky and funky designs too! You can use the following code to get 30% off and a free bottle brush until 13th July. So GO NOW!

Discount code: BFF30

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