Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Gerai Mak Siti - Eating Clams/Escargot etc (review)

The night before the last day of puasa, we were in Nibong Tebal (hubby's side) and my FIL took us out to the famous Gerai Mak Siti.

Gerai Mak Siti is situated at Kampung Sg Setar and their specialty is their boiled shelled seafood. Here you will get 6 types (or more) of seashells which are boiled and then eaten with their special sauce dip. 

Here is the combo platter. Unfortunately only these types of shells were left (only 4 types).

Can you spot the long pretty shell? The ones found on the beach? Yup EDIBLE!
A bit tricky to get them out but quite yummy.

Siput duri

And yes, that's a siput b*bi too!! The flesh on these ones are huge and chunky! I only tried on though. 

Honestly their dipping sauce is what makes the dish. Without it, I would never eat those sea shells.
With the sauce, we managed to clean out 3 of those platters! The sauce is sweet and slightly spicy topped with chopped peanuts (sorry forgot to take a pic).

What an experience that was eating those shelled seafood! And I am happy to report that my tummy was A-Ok the day after!

Do note though that they are only open during fasting month from 8pm to 2am. Will defo drop by again!!Can't wait for next year!!

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