Thursday, 21 August 2014

Redtix AirAsia - customer support experience

A couple of friends and I decided last night that we wanted to watch "Bahayanya Wanita" so this morning I went on RedTix to purchase the tickets for everyone.

At the first attempt, when I tried to make my payment, the browser suddenly crashed so I tried again on a different browser.

At the second attempt, I clicked on "Buy tickets" for the very top date available without checking. After I have made payment (credit card charged), only then I realised that the tickets were for SATURDAY 3PM instead of TONIGHT!!! *CRY*

So panicking and almost crying, I called up RedTix.
The Customer Support person picked up the phone and this is what he said:

Redtix: We are the ticket agent, usually you can't change the tickets once you have purchased them. But if you write an email, explain what happened we will forward it to the event organiser and it is up to them, whether they will allow for you to change the ticket or not.

So I thought, okla I'll write the email in the hope that we can change the dates (as everyone is set to go tonight already!) An hour later, I received the following email;

Hi Na,

Kindly get promoter advise on issue below to change date.
Kindly advise.

Best regards,
Redtix Support.

The email was written to me?! I checked to see if I was BCC'ed or if there was any other email? But it looks like it was written to only me. So I wrote them back and asked "why did you reply to me??" I think they must have hit the reply button instead of forwarding the email to their staff. I haven't heard from them since.

So I decided to call Istana Budaya themselves and guess what???
I managed to change my ticket within 5 minutes into the conversation and 5 minutes later, the new tickets were emailed to me!!!!!!! Although there was an extra charge of RM10 per ticket but whatevs, it's all done and CHANGED!

Penat gelabah satu pagi okay?! Grrrrrrrrr

I think I want to email RedTix and TEACH their customer support that YES you can change the ticket dates easily and quickly by calling Istana Budaya. I can't believe that their own staff don't know!!!!!!!

Now, after all that trouble I went through, hope the theater is good tonight! Can't wait!!

PS; I also bought another pair of tickets for a HUGE theater in Dec. Can't wait to surprise the hubby!!

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