Monday, 22 September 2014


Natte's sister in law will be delivering her first baby soon so her family decided to throw her a baby shower. Natte asked me to design some thank you tags, food cards and food flags.

After sending me some of the decorations that they have already purchased, I got designing.
I decided to keep it nice and simple only using a lil pink birdie as the clip art. I got the lil birdie from and designed everything on powerpoint (such an AMATEUR!).

I am super happy that they loved my lil design! Will find a printing shop so that I could give a whole package (ie all tags printed and cut, flags attached to the toothpicks) as this time around I just gave them my design and they printed everything themselves. 

Contents of the bag
The Pedicure sets were so cute!
I will post more pics when I get them ok?

In the meantime, here is a link to the printable that I made.
It's in Powerpoint, so it's editable. Feel free to use them and if you do let me know (ie comment)!

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