Saturday, 20 September 2014

Free Sephora Sunnies

Sephora will be upgrading their White cards to Black ones. 
So if you have received an email saying that you have been BLACKLISTED, do drop by your nearest Sephora to redeem your free sunglasses!

I redeemed mine last Friday and I love it! Love the style as its perfect for my face!

I couldnt help but pick up a lipstick too. I went for a red lippy as I have always wanted to see of i could rock it. Wait for my review! After paying, i was handed a fortune cookie which I had to eat there and then to see what's inside. I was super lucky that day as I received a Tarte eye brightening cream! What a great mini haul it turned out to be!

Anyways do drop by a Sephora near you as there are lots of offers and surprises in store! They have also opened up a new store at Avenue K! Have fun shopping ladies!


  1. i got that email too! but sadly i didn't have the time to go to sephora within the time given. -_-"

    1. oh dear! that's a shame! maybe you can drop by any sephora coz it looks like they have lots of offers going around. might be worth a visit!

    2. eh i just checked the email again and it said you can redeem from 18th Sept until 1st Oct...unless all the sunnies have been redeemed??


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