Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Interhouse Netball and my netball history

One of the plus points of my company has got to be how they encourage their staff to be fit and healthy. We have a fully equipped gym, classes like aerobics and zumba, we even have a sauna in the showers! In addition, each staff gets assigned to a house and we have inter-house competitions. Even by participating, you will get a minimum of RM30 as a prize. Otherwise you get RM100, RM70 or RM50 for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place respectively.

Last Sunday was our Inter house netball competition.
Luckily we managed to gather just enough players for our team. One house had to walk over as they couldn't get any players.

I played GS as usual and I wrapped up my knees (both knees with 2 knee guards on each!) to avoid further injuries. I found it so frustrating having to remind myself at each passing second to chill and not move around so much. I remembered when I was playing in the Birmingham league whilst working for EY back in the UK, I had to move quick to get free as their defenders and keepers are usually very tall with very long hands! How I miss playing properly!! Nowadays, I only play once a year. I miss playing regularly and my shooting is not as sharp as they used to be. Prior to the game on Sunday, I dragged the hubby and son to come with me so that I could practice shooting. Not that it helped the day after. Still berkarat!

Anyways, everyone played a good game on Sunday. No major injuries and we all had fun. I am trying to organise training sessions for our Intersubsidiary games in October. Hopefully more regular trainings for the next few months. 

All the players

Overall my team came second, which we were pretty happy about. So well done Holborn!

Holborn Netball Team
I was digging around for old netball pics and these are the ones that I could find on facebook!

Major #throwback time!

I started playing for my Warwick MSA (Malaysian Students Association) team in 2005 where we usually train to play at Nottingham Games (the biggest Malaysian sports carnival in the UK) and Warwick Games. It funny how at almost EVERY game, it would be Warwick vs Nottingham in the finals and we always come second!

Warwick Games circa 2006
 This was the only finals that we won GOLD!
With Marsy with our first EVER gold medal
As I was in Coventry after I finished my degree to work, so I always get invited to play for the Warwick team as an imported player.

This was in 2008 (?) at Warwick Games.

Warwick Games playing for Warwick Classic
When I was working, I played for the Birmingham EY team.
We started off in the Second Division and won all our games. Then we got moved up to the First Division and lost almost all games :(
But playing with the Brits is a whole new league!! They were taller and faster. I really improved in getting free before shooting whilst playing with the office team. It was an awesome experience! Loved it!

EY Birmingham Netball team
Do you play any sports? Share with me!

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