Thursday, 11 September 2014

Expiry Dates for Korean Products

A few weeks back, I bought a pimple gel from a Korean brand.

Just before putting it on, I managed to glimpse at the back of the box then noticed the Expiry date.

Panic ensued as I really do not want to put anything on my already sensitive face that could make it worse. So I asked around, to check if that means 2012 or 2015. Most of my friends said that it means 2012 so then I was really angry! I mean how could you try and sell something that has already expired?! So then I started writing an angry email to the company saying you shouldn't sell expired items. You shouldn't even have them on the shelves if they are expired already!!

Later on that night, I posted the picture on instagram and tagged my fellow butterflies. Then they replied "For Korean products, the Expiry Dates starts with year/month/date"! *cringes with embarrassment*

The next day, I got a reply from the HQ confirming that Korean product's expiry dates are of the Year/Month/Date format! 

So there you go! Now you know too!

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