Thursday, 25 September 2014

Met Tun M yesterday!!

Yesterday I attended the CEO Forum 2014 as my boss was swamped with urgent matters and he passed along his ticket to me. So off I went and to my happy surprise, the keynote speech will be delivered by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad!! 

I have much respect for Tun M, as I thought he was such a great leader of Malaysia. He was the one who actually put Malaysia on the map. As the topic of the Forum was "Surviving the Next Financial Crisis", his keynote speech was about how he dealt with the Financial Crisis back in 97/98. He explained that he treated the crisis as he would as a doctor. He looked at the history of the "patient", investigated, diagnosed and then treated the problem. Which was exactly what he did! He admitted that he was not a finance person, so he learnt! He understood the problem and he counter attacked! So clearly he was hardworking, intelligent and brave! How brave he was to "stick to his guns" with his decisions! 

Tun M delivering his speech

A selfie with Tun M!

After his speech, I couldn't pass up the opportunity of meeting him. I bought his autobiography and waited until he finished eating. As soon as he got up, I approached him with my book and asked him to sign it! I told him what an honour it was to meet him. I even managed to get a picture with him! 
A proper picture!

He was such a nice person though. He was pretty tired of all the photos but he obliged every single of them, his smile never leaving his face. It took him 15 minutes from his table to reach the front door. I was also surprised his bodyguard did not stop anyone from approaching him!

Overall, yesterday's forum was pretty good. The highlight was of course meeting Tun but it was great to be in the same room as many CEO's. Hearing their speeches, their thoughts it was really inspiring! Hopefully one day I will join the likes of them. InsyaAllah!

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