Monday, 29 September 2014

New hair cut

I have been so frustrated with my hair! It's thinning and frizzy.
I need a complete overhaul!!

My friend Adzy gets her haircut at Hair Channel at BSC and everytime she does, her hair is stunning. So I have been wanting to try her stylist and finally last week, I went!

I didn't manage to take a Before shot, so here is a Shampoo shot.

Nice and long shampoo/massage! 
I told the stylist (Janet) that I wanted a complete restyle and off she went to do her 'thang'.

I was totally amazed that instead of using scissors to do the layering, she has this layering tool. It kinda works like a knife! So it's super quick!

Blowdry after my hair cut
Are you ready for my new hair????

The layers at the back
It's looking senget but it's not! hehe
She added the layers to create more 'movement'.
Loving the new hair!!

This is Janet the stylist

This hair cut and wash was RM135 which I thought was reasonable for a senior stylist.
If you're desperate for a hair visit Hair Channel!!


  1. Great hairdo, hun. Ur new look suits u! shud keep this layered hairstyle :)

    1. Thanks sweetie! Now I need to be rajin and blow dry my hair before going to work (which I did!) instead of my messy wet look each morning!


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