Monday, 15 September 2014

Weekend activities - arts and crafts

Another long weekend but this time we just spent it at home.
Quite jealous to see updates of everyone else on their holiday to Bali, Redang, Langkawi etc...

Anyways I finally got around to doing some arts and crafts with the lil boy on Sunday.
It was raining heavily so it was perfect to do some painting on the car porch.
I laid out our mat and we did some arts and crafts!!

Started with some painting
I got the paint supplies at RM1 each!! A bargain I picked up at a local candy warehouse store. They were clearing out the old stationaries...lucky us!!

We started painting, and then Appa joined us! He wanted to do some potato stamps but we didn't have any. So he took an egg, pasted some paper on it and painted it to turn it into a Potato instead (gila random and lawak!)

I got out some paper plates and started sticking some coloured papers too and started making monsters! Even got out my googly eyes that I bought at Spotlight a few weeks back!

Here are our arts and crafts!!
Left side were made by mummy! 2 monsters from toilet roll and a paper plate.
Right side were made by Nazrin - his egg turned into a potato, finger painting on paper plate and his painting! His final painting just turned black in the end! hehe

Our art works
These activities kept him busy for over an hour! SCORE! hehe
I need to incorporate some learning to these activities!

It doesn't take much to entertain kids really! He was super happy when we bought him a torch light! hehe

Happy boy with his torch
We even played horsies towards the end of the day.
He got on my back and I was pretending to be a horse. Then he got too excited and his head bumped my lips! I ended up with a bleeding lip! That's gonna turn into a massive ulcer! Ergghh I hate them and to make it worse I already have one on the same side of the upper lid!

Swollen and cut up lips
How did you spend your weekend??

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