Wednesday, 15 October 2014

iPhone repair update

So here is the update of my iPhone.
I sent my fone to Machines klcc under the battery and the power button replacement as I had trouble with both. A few days later I received an email from Machines that they have ordered a brand new iPhone 5 to replace my current phone under the power button scheme. I was secretly hoping that they have none in stock and they would have to give me an iPhone 5s instead but no that didn't happen!

Apparently the power button was truly broken and so instead of fixing it, I would get a brand new phone! This is a bonus as the screen on previous phone was a little bit retak and the camera had a small bit of dust under the camera lens which meant that's every pic had a brown spec on it! 

The whole thing took two weeks though! Which was a pain cos my sister in law had her battery replaced at an Apple store in Melbourne in just under an hour while I was stuck using a very slow iPhone 4 for two weeks. 

But thank you Apple for my brand new iPhone! I restored my backup so i had everything from my old phone straight into my new one as if its one of the same!

The battery does mast longer! Instead of having to charge it every 3 hours, I only need to charge it once a day (althought it does run out towards 3pm from a full charge in the morning but an improvement). I definitely lasts longer if I switch off location and I no longer charge it whilst sleeping as the over charging was the root of my battery problem.

Have you sent yours yet?
How long did it take??
Share tour experiences with me in the comment below!!

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