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Bobbi Brown x Chocolate Catsz

A few weeks back, it was one of my fave blogger's Fatin blog birthday and in conjunction of her 5th birthday she had a contest where 8 winners will get to attend a workshop with Bobbi Brown! I tried my luck and I won one of the spots!!

The workshop was held at the Pavillion Branch.

I was greeted by the PR manager Mei Ling and she asked us to walked around to check out their range of make up while we wait for everyone to arrive. Basically the shop is our playground for the day! Awesome!

They have also prepared some refreshments for us. Fatin arrived bringing delicious chocolate (or blackforest? coz it had some cherries) cupcakes. Yummehhh!

Our make up stations

Fatin giving her Welcoming speech
 The make up artist called Sandra was in charge of the demo. I volunteered so she started with the "Instant Pretty" workshop. This look is for busy working ladies who do not have the luxury of spending half an hour or more for their make up!

1. Plump

The first step is "Plump" where you start with cleansing your face. Their star product, the cleansing oil was used. This is an oil based cleanser where it's perfect for taking off all your make up including all your eye make up. I loved this cleanser because straight after she cleansed my face, I noticed that the nose area which is usually quite bumpy with whiteheads was super smooth!

Then the toner was used with a cotton pad. Sandra told us to try and put your toner immediately after cleansing. This is because after cleansing your face, your face is losing its natural moisturiser if left bare. If you put your toner, this locks in that natural moisturiser so your face doesn't become dry.

Next step is moisturiser and did you know that you should rub them on your palm of your hands then pat them on your face? rather than rubbing it all over your face? By rubbing, you are actually activating the oil glands to that caused more oil to be produced on your face! Another thing that I've been doing wrong!

Last step for plump is don't forget your sunblock!

Sandra removing my make up
My face all fresh and plump

2. Perfect

Prep, Correct and Conceal
Kate Upton their new model for Bobbi Brown
Do you usually start your face with your foundation? Apparently you should start with your concealer!!! Dumbfounded!! You should concentrate with perfecting your eye area (dark circles are my nemesis). If your eyes are bright with no bright circles, you immediately look fresh!

So Sandra started with the eye cream to prep the eye area. When using eye cream, you should start with only a small pea size. Too much eye cream could lead to oil seeds!

Then she used "Peach" as a correcter to put under the eyes.
She then used "Warm Beige" as my concealer. Did you know that you should apply the concealer in a "V" shape under the eyes so that it extends to the cheeks a little bit?

Lastly, you use your foundation to cover up the rest of your face. No need to put around the eye area anymore!

3. POP!

Last step is "POP"! A pop of colour on your cheeks where Sandra used their pot rouge blusher and she used the same thing on my lips!

Sandra coated the lashes with Mascara and lastly she taught us how to do my brows.
She told us that you need to do your brows to "Frame" your face. She also demonstrated that by squaring the brown near the bridge of your nose defines it more. She was totally right if you see pic below. The squared brows makes it more defined!

2 different brow styles

The whole demo was only done on one side of my face. So she asked me to do the other side myself so that I could put to use what I learnt immediately. Another make up artist Micheal was by my side to help through every step of the way.

If you want have more time or want to change up your look, you could add with eyeshadow and eyeliner to make your eyes more dramatic! You can also change the colour of your lipstick to a brighter colour.

They introduced their Long Wear Stick Eyeshadow which I have been dreaming off ever since. It was so easy to apply and lasts long. MUST BUY SOON!

The final look and a pic with Sandra
With Micheal who was so nice!
Bobbi offers many lessons which are all FREE. So give them a call to book your slot and they are always happy to teach you!

All the lesson available

Before leaving, we had a photo session!

Fatin and all the rest of the girls.
Laura was not in the pic as she was still getting her make up lesson.

Me, Fatin and Linda both were super nice!

Me and Fatin

Me and Mei Ling

Thank you so much Fatin for the invite! I had such a lovely time at the workshop and it was great to finally meet you! Thank you so much to Bobbi Brown as well! I will do my Bobbi Brown haul in my next post!

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