Friday, 3 October 2014

NYX Lipstick in Fire Incendie (Review)

Here is my review of my latest lipstick, NYX in Fire Incendie.
I was looking a for a red (read: Merah Mak Ngah) lipstick and this is certainly IT!

The colour - RED!

Hmm not sure which is the number reference? LSS599? DA83? or...
I think it's 599 as it's the same as LS599 above.
Here it is swatched!

This is with one coat, dabbed then with lipgloss on top!
I didn't want to go so RED at the office hence the layers!

Also, is it just me but is there a hint of soap in the taste of the lipstick??
However at RM19 so it's a STEAL.


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