Tuesday, 2 December 2014

November Haul - bought so much stuff!!

Eek! I didn't realise how much I shopped this month!!

Check out my haul....

1. For Nazrin (PJ's, undies and bottle teats)

2. Zoeva brushes and eye primer

3. Sleep Makeup Contour Kit 
Got this for free. Thanks Luxola

4. Zoella beauty products
Had to trouble a friend to get these!! Thanks so much Odi for your trouble!

5. Scholastic books for Nazrin
Bought these on offer. These are only half of what I bought.
Total RM171 for about 20 books! So happy that we managed to spend about an hour last night reading these. Of course, he was interested in the trucks ones only. But it's still something :)

No wonder I am so broke this month!!
What have you bought this month???!!!

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