Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Terrible Two? Terrible Three!

You often read about "Terrible Two" phase that toddlers go through but my Lil Man was such an angel when he was at that age. I thought I had it easy.

This year however, is a completely different story. Oh.My.Goodness! 
I think it's suppose to be called "Terrible Three" or "Tantrum Three" instead!

We just came back for a long weekend in Penang for a wedding and he truly tested and pushed every single button of mine.

He is at an age where he now understand specifics. So when he wants specific things, he wants them exactly like what it's in head. And when he doesn't get them, it's waterworks!

Like yesterday, it started off with the iPad not playing the video that he wanted. Then he wanted to hold my only and last clean underwear. So when I took that away (takkan la nak go commando kan?!), he started bawling his eyes out. Then when I wiped his tears and snot away he got angry coz apparently, "I want the water THERE!". I even went to the tap to sprinkle some water on his face to replace the tears that I wiped away. But no that didn't work!

I noticed most of the times, when he starts acting up it's when he's tired and sleepy. Perhaps next time, I should just carry him and put him down for his nap straight away! I'm trying baby boy, I'm trying my hardest to handle you at this stage.

But then again, on his good mood and he gives you this winning smile with those beady "kuyu" eyes...


Mummy loves you sayang!

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