Friday, 2 January 2015

The Hobbit with the Razaks

It's the new year already but I wanted to share what we did over Christmas!
The long awaited final Hobbit was out and the whole Razaks family love the LOTR series.
So off we went to watch it at OU Gold Class!! Yeay!!

The lil boy tagged along too and this time he was excited too as he now knows the characters such as Gandalf, Hobbit and Gimli. He kept asking 1001 questions in the movie (Where's the Dragon mummy? What happened mummy? Where is Gandalf going mummy?) , luckily we were all spaced out so no one complained.

Gold Class is pretty awesome isn't it? The spacious and reclining chair (but I had to share mine with Nazrin). So comfy! But eating in the dark...not a fan! hehe

After the movie, we stopped by Hamleys (for the first time! so ketinggalan zaman)

Time to shop!

Hope you all have a great year ahead!!

Mwahs! xx

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