Thursday, 19 March 2015

Family Dinner at Midori Japanese Restaurant Marriot Putrajaya

Prior to Ninin leaving for Melbourne for her final year and also to celebrate her birthday early, we went out for a family dinner at Midori. Ninin the lucky girl, got her present and it was an LV speedy B! I got my first LV after working for 3 years man (itupon beli sendir!)!! so jelly hehe

Midori is one of the best Japanese restaurants in town! I love their fresh sashimi (had soo much!), king prawn kimchi ramen and also baked oysters. So my diet totally went out the window that night.

Actually I wanted to share this picture, the top one taken back in 2012 and the bottom one was a few weeks back! We wanted to recreate the old pic so we arranged everyone to stand in their original position (with the additional Mama and Papa - they were doing their Hajj last time). Look how the family has grown with 2 more additional members (Jack and Kirana)! And check out Nazrin back then?? So "seketul"! Lol I think i look less chubby now compared to back then? PHEW! hehe

The Razaks

Love love everyone! Thanks for dinner Papa!

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