Monday, 14 September 2015

Dina's Royal Baby

Over the weekend, my best friends threw my a baby shower! It was held at Diana's house so I was expecting a chill out session with the girl friends over lunch and eating some cake.

What I did not expect was a full blown party with an amazing spread of dessert, homemade food and a mani pedi! I felt so loved and blessed to be showered with so much love that day. I still can't get over the fact how beautiful everything was.

1. Dessert table

The decorations were done by @heliumnkonfetti (instagram)
The girls decided on a British Themed Baby Shower and the decorations were amazingly beautiful.

The decorations

The lunch spread were mostly homemade.

Shepherd's pie and fruit kebabs by my sister (I don't know how she managed to cook with 2 kids in tow?!)
Pasta and Potato Salad by Diana
Meatballs by Qilah
Sausages by Nadia
Bread and Egg tarts from Ikmal

The full dessert table

Yours truly with my handsome
2. The cake

The cake for that day was ordered from @gateauxlicious and O.M.G. it was stunning!
The detailing on that cake was just meticulous and beautiful. We were all amazed at how stunning it was. As we had so much desserts already, no one wanted to cut the cake. So I took it home and made sure I took a pic from every single angle of it! The bottom tier was a butter cake (with hazelnut) and choc ganache. The top tier was a dummy cake and the crib was made of gumpaste (?)

My beautiful cake
Bottom tier
Top tier
Thank you so much everyone for ordering my first ever gateauxlicious cake!

3. Manicure & Pedicure

They also called up Nails on Wheels that day.
I was just saying to myself that I needed a manicure as the edges around my nails were hard and peeling. So happy when I saw them upon arrival!!

4. Games

Ann and Paris were the games co-ordinator.
We played 4 games in total and they were so fun!

First we played "What's in the Diaper Bag"
A memory game where you had to repeat what everyone said that is in the diaper bag. Sounds so easy but believe me, it was pretty hard!I won this round! hehe

Then we played draw the baby. Everyone had to draw the baby with their eyes closed.
This is what it looked like! LOL

Third games was Baby's name. They had to list down baby name suggestions that contained the letter N and H (our initials). This was the funniest! Honk? Horn??!!! Thanks but no thanks Nadia. All your suggestions are rejected!

Lastly we played "Name the Celebrity Baby".
I won this games as I am a bit of a celeb gossip queen! 
The below answer sheet was funny as they asked for the names of the 6 Brady Bunch but Nadia gave 7. Nampak sgt dia hentam je nama org putih!

Thank you everyone who all organised, made food, organised games for the party.
I am so blessed to have each one of you as my friend and baby couldn't wait to meet you all. 
Do pray that everything goes well, and he arrives safely soon. Amin

With everyone!

Thank you! Love you all!


  1. You are one lucky lady! A dessert table AND a gateauxlicious cake too??!! Hehe kudos to your friends. Good luck for the delivery :)


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