Thursday, 1 October 2015

Chronic Pregnancy Brain

One of the symptoms of pregnancy is "Pregnancy Brain" where one goes forgetful, absent-minded and basically the brain function is not up to its normal capacity!

I had an episode the other day.

I had to write a Board Paper in Malay (yikes!) and it was suppose to be via Circular Resolution.
So then I had to translate Circular Resolution into Malay and upon asking Co Sec what the term would be and she told me. I wrote it down and put it in my paper.

Then my boss came out from his room and said "This sounds like a street!! Are you sure?!!"
Guess what I wrote down??

When I looked back on my notes, I clearly wrote down RESOLUSI PEKELILING but somehow my brain typed out PERSIARAN instead!!!

The next morning on the way to work, at the roundabout where I usually fire up my Waze to check the traffic, this came up!!

Persiaran Pekeliling must have got into my sub-conscious since I see it on my screen every morning hence the little mishap with my Board paper!!

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