Friday, 6 November 2015

39 weeks + 2 days

Current condition:

  • Water retention - i think you call me badak sumbu already
  • Carpel Tunnel - i didn't have this with Nazrin (altho he was out by 36 weeks). My right hand goes numb when I wake up or when I use my phone.
  • Stretch marks - i thought i was lucky this time around with not many stretch marks. I only had a few near my belly button. However as I am past the 39 week, they are appearing and spreading like fire!

Pregnancy Perks:

I did have some perks though which are:

  • No hair growth on my legs so no shaving/epilating for 9 months - no joke! 
  • No monthly breakouts - I only had 3 episodes of pimples coming out during the pregnancy. However my oil seeds (white bumps on face) has increased.
  • Glorious hair!! No hair loss during pregnancy as prior to getting pregnant I would lose clumps of hair each time I wash my hair.

Current emotion:

  • Anxious - the waiting game is quite a torture isn't it? Even worse when you have no idea what contraction pain is like so when you have a tummy ache and start wondering (even started timing) if it has began, rupanya I just needed to go to the toilet

Current thoughts: 

I am already on MC as I can barely walk (see pic of my feet above) and can't drive coz my hand would go numb after a while. Another 2 days til EDD. My gynea has been trying to do a membrane sweep in order to kick start labour but since this is basically the first time for me to deliver normally, everything is closed up. So all I can do is wait. I just can't wait to hold you in my arms already baby!
Also my gynea will be on leave this Deepavali long weekend, ideally I would like her to do the delivery but if not we're ok with her replacement. We met him once during an emergency trip to the hospital a while back due to some bleeding. He seems nice and gentle enough. Older which means very experienced. I would love to deliver normally but either way I just want him to be safe and sound in my arms. Do pray for me and baby! Super scared, super excited.

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