Monday, 9 November 2015

Photobook Project

A while back, there was an offer for canvas prints on Groupon for RM10 each! So I bought 5 (3 to hang at home and 2 for each of the parent's homes) to print pictures that we took at Eyes of Grace studio. Not long after, I received an email with 5 photobook vouchers! Apparently the canvas offer comes with FREE mini square book vouchers as well.

So I have been making photobooks to use up the free vouchers. All I had to pay is the postage which is RM8.48 (inc. GST) each. Unfortunately you can order one photobook at a time and the voucher is usable for one order only. So I had to pay RM8.48 times 5 but that's still super cheap as each book is priced at RM79.

So here are the photobooks I made:

1- Langkawi Trip with the Razaks
2 - My Babyshower
3- Nazrin's Fireman birthday party (one for me)
4 - Nazrin's Fireman birthday party (one for Mama)
5 - Family Photoshoot at Eyes of Grace

So keep your eyes out for offers on Groupon! They are definately worth it!!

UPDATE: Groupon is currently giving away 1 million free photobook!! So u can totally make ur mini square photobook for free (Rm8.48 for shipping).

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