Monday, 14 March 2016

Online shopping experience on Reebonz

During my confinement period, I entered a competiton hosted by Reebonz to win a brand new Miu Miu handbag and a make over from Zalora. I was dying for a new handbag and was hoping that I would win. I even left my instagram account open to public until they announced the winner and good thing that I did because I won the 3rd prize!!!

As the 3rd prize winner, I got RM100 voucher and also RM250 credit on Reebonz. So the more excuse to buy myself a new handbag.

Reebonz sells authentic designer handbags at a discounted price. They hold "events" where the bags sold at each event is for a limited time only. Throughout my confinement, I would be browsing thru the Reebonz app almost daily while feeding etc. So i noticed that they would post the same bags but through different events. I also noticed that they sold out very quickly!

The one particular bag that I was eyeing was the Fendi 2jours. I couldn't decide between the Petite or the Medium at first but decided that the Medium was too big. However, it was almost always sold out for the colour that I wanted. My first colour of choice was black so that I could use it for the office buy it was so hard to get! And the second one was magenta. I was getting frustrated because each time I look, it was sold out. Then one early morning at 1am, I checked again and it was available. At 1.30am I took out my credit card and made my payment!!!

The price was RM3780 and there was also a 15% discount code at the time which I could use on top of the RM250 credit. So it was definately a bargain!!!

Payment was made through a secure website and click click BOUGHT!

Delivery was quick too! I was getting delivered from Singapore and it arrived a day early than expected. It only took them 3 days to deliver my gold ribboned box to me! WHeeeeee....

Loved the black hardbox with the gold ribbon packaging.

The inside

My Fendi in its original dustbag

The bag comes with authenticity cards (although Fendi actually has an RFID sytem embedded in their bags to verify for autheticity) and original dustbag.

And here is the bag in its full glory.

Handles are wrapped in plastic the luggage tag (not in the pic) was in a foamy packaging.

I wanted to initial my luggage tag so I sent that to Fendi KLCC to get it done. They insisted that I bring the bag ALONG WITH the tag before agreeing to initial it. It costs RM80 (excluding GST) and takes around 2 weeks as they had to send it to Singapore. So I will update this post with another pic complete with the initialled tag.

Welcome to the family my lil Fendi! 

PS: saw adzy's Celine mini belt tote. i want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *cry*

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