Tuesday, 12 April 2016

My bre*stfeeding journey - second time around

With my first born, I wanted to fully bre*st feed him as long as I could (ideally up to 2 years). However my supply was just enough to do so until he was just under 10 months. Even so, I was super happy that I managed to do that. Back then when I pumped, I would get about 6 oz (total from both sides) on a good day or 4 oz on a normal day. I even ate Fenugreek which helped to increase my milk. I never knew what if felt like to pump until the bottle was full. Even so, I persevered and continued. Going into the 9 month, my stock was depleting and supply was decreasing too. I remember vividly, me stressing in the pumping room as I was not pumping enough and then I accidentally knocked the bottle spilling my milk. *CRY* So then I accepted that fact that I need to supplement with formula (what's the big deal?! haha) and I did while continuing to feed him my milk up until 2 years. Now thinking back about it, I shouldn't have pressured myself so much and formula is not the enemy!

Second time around, the first thing I did was start pumping early. With Nazrin, I only pumped 2 weeks before starting work (hence not enough stock at the start). This time, I started pumping 3 days after he was born. After each feeding, I would pump to empty it further. It started off with getting 2 oz at each pump (10 mins only as I didn't want to empty it completely in case he wakes up). So I would add up 2 oz + 2 oz (ie 2 sessions) into one bottle. True enough after about a week, I would yield about 4 oz each session. I also think that Aaman is also a bit more of an efficient feeder. He would hungrily feed for about 15 - 20 minutes and then he would sleep. Nazrin loved shorter and frequent feedings and he also just loved latching and not wanting to let go! So at night, Aaman would wake up once or twice only for a feeding and many times I would wake up engorged and having to pump anyway. I also started bottle feeding Aaman in the second week. However coming into the second month he started rejecting bottles when I fed him. Luckily he took the bottle if the maid fed him. It is only lately (in his 4th month) that he accepted the bottle from me! Previously, I struggled to give him the bottle when we were out and had to direct feed him only.

Meanwhile my pumping schedule once I started work was 3 times a day at 5am, 10.30pm and 4.30pm. However 4 months in, I have dropped the 5am pumping as I was too tired to get up that early!

In terms of stock, Alhamdulillah I have enough. I am also putting smaller milestones, so if he reaches 6 months, that's awesome! And we will see how long it goes. If it runs out, then we'll just supplement with formula later.

So for those first time mothers, the biggest tip I wanted to share is START PUMPING EARLY. This has made a world of a difference to me. Starting early resulting in building up supply and also stock which reduces the pressure and stress! Also my milk booster is rice, so I had to eat to ensure that I have enough milk. So no diet for me yet! (yeay! hehe) All the best for b-feeding mommies out there! Keep going!!!

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