Friday, 22 April 2016

Workout gear haul!!

5 months post partum, I am still carrying leftover weight of 2kg (but 5kgs from the 1st pregnancy!).
I was lucky that I managed to shed off 10kg within the 1st week of delivering Aaman (mostly water weight) but now here comes the hard part!

So what better way to motivate oneself the best way i know!

Bought these gears to help me achieve my now 5 years weight target *i cry*

  1. New shoes - old one had very slim soles so I felt I needed something with thicker soles to make jumping during aerobics more comfortable.
  2. Raqtive sports scarf - made of drifit material, perfect for going to the gym. Sarung je!
  3. Fitbit - this was suppose to be my main motivator!! to get that 10k steps per day target


Fitness Tracker

Initially I was looking at the apple watch. I mean the rose gold face to match my phone is to die for!

But after extensive research, apple is not THE best fitness tracker. It looks awesome but as a tracker, I guess it's quite limited. It doesn't track sleep and more importantly the battery. You need to charge it every night. So I went searching for alternatives and narrowed it down to Fitbit and Jawbone.

In the end, I finally settled with Fitbit Alta. Why? It tracks steps, calories, active minutes and sleep and it also has a caller ID and SMS. The caller ID feature won me over coz I want to wear it when I am out and about and can't answer my phone while holding the baby. An apple watch would look awesome but this shall suffice.

I love the sleek look it and been wearing it ever since.
Unfortunately I have only hit my 10k target once in the 2 weeks I have it *eeks*  Also the sleep tracker is super scary coz apparently I get restless in my sleep so much that I only get an average of 3 hours sleep each night. I miss non interrupted sleep!!

Will definately have to UP MY GAME soon and start using it to lose some actual weight so that it doesn't become just an accessory!

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