Friday, 20 May 2016

Cubicle Makeover!

I finally did it! Last week, I just started taking things off my walls and proceeded to de-clutter.
Here is my cubicle prior to the make over.


My walls had too much things plastered on it. I had way too much things on my table.

After about half a day of clearing here it is!


I took off all my old photos and work notes and all is left on the wall is some newly printed photos.
I even tied a string so that I could hand a few more pics of the kids.
I got rid of my trays and left one "IN" tray. I also put together a tray of stationary and etc which I totally love.

Each time I look at the before then after photos, my eyes feel so relieved! Such a sight for sore eyes to see that much stuff!

Next project is that area to the right of my cubicle. It's not so bad at the moment but I should streamline it a bit.

How do you like my newly decorated cubicle??

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