Thursday, 19 May 2016

New Benefit Cosmetics Brow line

Got an email from Benefit Cosmetics and they will be launching their newly revamp brow products!
I have non existent brows, so I am always on the look out for brow products. And most of the time my brows are definately sisters from 2 different mothers (ie senget and tak sama!).

Super excited for their release!! They have changed their packaging as well. Now it's silver and it's more sleek and modern. Check it out below!!

This my top 3 (not in any order)

Gimme Brow

I have used this before and it's perfect for sparse brows. But you tend to have shaped brows prior to applying this though.

Brow pencil

I am loving the flat and slanted pencil end! This would make drawing much easier!


This looks like your brow powder and brush all in the same pot! I think it's brilliant to put these two together!

So i can't wait to get my hand on these!! They will be released on 24th June!! So long to wait!!

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