Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Sephora Black Sale Card Haul

Every year, I jump with glee when I get the email from Sephora informing that the member's sale is ON. This is where the whole storewide is at 20% off. So each time I get sucked into buying something, anything! Hehe

On the Friday, I went into Sephora KLCC and it was like a "pasar"! So many people and the queue was long! So I opted to shop online instead. No queues but I had to patiently wait for the arrival of my goodies which came 3 days later.

So check out my haul!

1. Mascara cos my eyelashes are non existent! I just realised that for the past 3 sales, I bought mascaras!

2. Lipliner coz my lipstick always "bleeds"
I am loving the Marc Jacobs packaging!

3. Bought another mascara which was the Benefit Roller Lash (deluxe mini).
I have been dying to try this and it is pretty awesome.

Did you get anything??

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