Monday, 25 July 2016

CTBUH Event and Visit to KLCC Skybridge and Observation Deck

Last week I attended a series of lectures hosted by CTBUH (Council of Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat) of which my company is a member of. The event was held in the only current tall building in Malaysia, KLCC. The talks were at the Petroleum Club on the 42nd floor and boy the place was pretty fancy! 

The 4 speakers of the night covered topics about CTBUH itself, Vertical Transportation, BIM, a new development in Brisbane and last but not least KLCC itself. I found the topics were very interesting especially about KLCC. It was intriguing to find the technologies they used back then, the challenges they faced (for example because of the presence of limestone, they had to move the tower 100 metres from its original plan and the no of bored piles they actually had to use was 400 more than they initially thought!) and future plans for the KLCC area.

The highlight of the night was the skybridge tour. I have always wanted to go on the skybridge and what better way to go there when you have one of the engineers who built it to give you a personal tour! 

A selfie with the Turner team

A view from the peephole on the bridge

Then we were also very privilaged to be taken to the 86th floor which is the observation deck.

A selfie with Shukri and Rini
KL skyline at night
One of the towers
I couldn't help feeling the sense of patriotism and proudness whilst on top of KLCC. I can't wait for our tower to finish so that I can have these feelings all over again!

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