Monday, 29 August 2016

Mummy's Night Out - Concert Cinta

I saw adverts of a concert that will feature artists like Yuna, Joe Flizzow, Amy Search, Noh Salleh and Nadira Adnan (?) whilst driving back from work one day. Excited at the thought of seeing Yuna live, I asked the little sister if she wanted to come and she agreed!

So excitedly the two mummies, super thrilled at the thought of a fun Friday night after a quick dinner at KLCC and numerous selfies, off we went to Istana Budaya to catch Concert Cinta.

One of the said selfies

The advert
Then the concert started, and the stage had huge letters spelling out Nadira's name. Alarm bells started ringing...wait? Are we at HER concert??

Then suddenly the Cinta Concert advert only had HER face on it?

True enough, the concert was mainly HER singing. And then she would invite the other artists where she would do a duet with them and then they would song one or two of their own songs.

My sister's face upon realisation

Honestly, we felt like we were scammed. The advert made it seem like the concert is a shared concert. The main artist which we were looking forward to was obviously Yuna and she sang TWO songs! One was a duet with Nadira and then she sang CRUSH. I thought she was joking when she walked off but then Nadira came back on! Nadira also mentioned that this was her first concert while we were not aware that we paid tickets to mainly watch her.

To be fair, Nadira has a good voice but we can't help feeling like we were cheated. My sister wanted to kill me for bringing her to this! We kept on laughing after realising what we actually paid for. It certainly made the night more 'memorable'! 

#fail #mummysnightoutkonon

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