Thursday, 11 August 2016

Timelapse - Building Lego Star Wars Milenium Falcon

Nazrin has been begging us to buy him the Lego Milenium Falcon. It's so expensive that we truly couldn't bring ourselves to fork out THAT much for a toy. So he was ecstatic when he tore open the wrapping paper of his present from his grandparents and Kimi's sister (they shared)! He wish finally came true!!!

So that night after the party, he insisted that we start building the MF. I did not entertain him but his Appa obliged (such a softie when it comes to his sons). So Appa started on the first 5 bags and made the base. On Monday after work, I continued with the last 4 bags. It pretty much took me the whole night, in between feedings and all. At one point I wanted to stop but since it's his birthday the next day I thought it could be another present from us. So I continued til the end.

Midway building, I realised that I was missing a piece of the shooter gun thingy. I even back tracked and took apart a few things to find that piece in the hope that I wrongly put it elsewhere. I searched the floor just in case I dropped it but it was nowhere to be seen.I ended up with putting a "filler" and hoping that there is a spare somewhere. Then I thought maybe it's still in the bag (which I have discarded!). So I ran to the bin and there is was sitting on top of a cardboard that I recently threw away. PHEW!!! Luckily it did not fall to the bottom of the bin!!

Another pet peeve when building was when I used the wrong colour block. Light grey, dark grey and black! Couldn't the colours BE more similar! Again I had to go back a few times, take it apart after realising that I used light grey instead of dark grey!

At the end of each Lego session, I feel such an accomplishment to see the finished product and at the same time the relief as all pieces are there. I would absolutely hate it if in the end, one piece is missing. I guess that's the OCD in me talking.

Anyways, Nazrin has been having a great time playing with his MF and the figurines!
Happy birthday son. I hope you realise how lucky you are to have that toy from your generous grandparents and Mami Jija and Daddy Konti! Thank you for the present!!

Check out the video of me completing it. This was at nearly 1am :p

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