Friday, 9 September 2016

Haul - new skincare

Since before Hari Raya, I was feeling like my current skincare is not improving my skin. I guess it is keeping it fairly clear but I was desperate to get rid of my bumps and I just want to make my scars dissappear. So I bought the SK II trial set which consists of the toner, essence and moisturiser.

The trail set

I have bought the set twice so far and have also started using the cleanser. However as I still had my old toner and moisturiser, I kept using those on top of the SK II.

Today I took Natte to the SK II counter as she needed new skincare as well. Lucky for us, they have their promotion where you get RM50 rebate for every RM350 spent. As I recommended her, I got a small deluxe size cleanser and moisturiser.

 I also did my skin analysis and compared it to the last analysis. Unfortunately on most of the aspect of the graph it actually declined. One factor could be because I did not use the facial cotton. Apparently the absorption is better when you use a cotton pad rather than using your hands.

So after seeing that my skin didn't have much improvement, I bought another trial set (RM219) and I also bought the big jar of moisturiser. I do love the moisturiser so I thought it was a good investment.

Bottom right is the trial set.

Overall, I do feel that there is some improvement to the skin. The break outs a definitely less and if I put the essence on top of the pimple, it does dry faster. I just hope that over time the scars will fade and my face will me smoother.

To be honest, I was contemplating of going to an aesthetic clinic for some treatment. I even made the appointment but I think I might pass. It is pretty expensive! Even with the promotion, it'll cost me thousands. So SK II, do your magic please!!!

Oh do catch the following SK II promos at Isetan (until 12th September)
  • RM50 rebate when you spend RM350
  • Free gifts if you recommend a friend
  • A USB flashdrive if you spend RM450 and above

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