Friday, 30 September 2016

Meeting Nico Rosberg and selfie fail!

So 3 years ago, when Lewis started with Petronas I went to the meet and greet session at KLCC. They were there for the signing session for a mere half an hour and when I found out that they were leaving, I quickly went to the back door of the stage in the hope to catch a glimpse of them. I had my phone ready to record and Lewis blitzed by and I said hi. Unfortunately my phone somehow was not recording. Then I head that Nico wanted to go to Topshop so I quickly ran to the shop and managed to take a photo of him shopping. Back then I wasn't into Nico so much, so I didn't bother to take a pic with him.

However since Lewis has been the world champion for a few years now, I really wanted to see Nico win this year. And he was been doing an exceptional job so far to even leading the championship points by 8 points right now. I also feel like he really appreciates his fans more. I loved that he does a Facebook live video after each race. Even when he sucked at the race.

This year I went to the Meet & Greet session at KLCC. I just wanted to catch a glimpse of them and take a pic from far. When I got there at 6, the Concourse was quite packed.

However when I looked at the lines, it was pretty much moving. Also, the Meet & Greet session was only suppose to start at 6.30 but at 6pm both drivers were there already and started the session. So I thought, why not? Just get in line and see where it would take me. I did bring my Nico cap and last year's lanyard just in case I got lucky.


During the autograph session, Lewis stayed on stage while Nico actually moved down off the stage following the lines as it was quicker that way. He stayed off stage the whole time and from where I was queuing he was only about 10 feet away. So I called out his name and he smiled at me when he looked up.

So at around 6.45pm, suddenly the organisers cut the queue just 6 people in front of me. Meaning that everyone in front would get their chance while the rest of the queue will not be able to get a signature. From where I was standing, Nico was again quite close by at the bottom of the stage. I called out to him again and said that they have stopped the queue and buat muka kesian! I called out his name a few more times as well and he looked up, waved and smiled.

Then at 7.15pm the announcers announced that the drivers will have to leave soon. But I kept hoping that somehow he would come by and left my video recording. And to my absolute delight, suddenly he ducked below the barriers and CAME STRAIGHT TO ME!!!!! In the video, all you could hear was me muttering "omgomgomg"! He came and signed my cap! Then we wanted to take a pic but it was on video (front facing camera - not selfie) but he had to move quickly so he just grabbed my phone and turned it around to capture us together! Unfortunately my camera was on zoom so all you could see was my excited face! Gaaahhhh! But my friend correctly pointed out, NICO ROSBERG touched my phone!! hehehe

The moment he came up to me to sign my cap!

I am so happy that I got my cap signed!! It was so nice of him to come to see his fans! To make the extra effort to make his fans happy! This was precisely the reason that I have been liking him more and more this past year.

My signed cap

So since I did not get a proper selfie with him, I was on a mission. To get that selfie! So the next day he was scheduled to be at a Petronas station in Ampang. So during lunch, I went there to get that coveted selfie!

I started queuing again and this time the lines were not that long. But they had other things on the agenda, like Q&A and pit stop challenge. At one point, I got out from the line to see him at the front. Then he was heading towards the pit stop challenge and I saw my opportunity. As he walked by, I called out his name again and he once again stopped for the selfie. But I was trying to tell him yesterday's story and he was again moving fast so our selfie was a big blur! SIGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

another #fail

I followed him to the pit stop challenge where he was merely 3 feet away. Watched him change the tyres and then headed back to the line in the hope that I would get that perfect selfie with him

Once I got back to the line, we had to wait a while for the Q&A session and then the signing session finally started. This time around, the line barely moved! I don't know why it was so slow! After about half an hour they announced that the drivers had to leave! :( I tried again while they were leaving but by this time they have been tightly surrounded by the security guards. I will have to settle for a blurry selfie. But I guess I was very lucky the day before when he came over to sign my cap!

Unfortunately I am not going to the race this weekend. Would love to but Kimi didn't want to leave the kids so I will have to give it a pass. This race will be a decider, so I guess it's better to catch it in full on the TV. I'm sure it'll be an exciting one with freshly resurfaced so all teams are not sure how the tyres will be. Again with the HOT weather in Sepang, it'll be a challege! Apparently one car caught fire today at Practice 1. So super excited for the race this weekend and GO ROSBERG!!

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