Monday, 19 September 2016

Window Shopping at Louis Vuitton

I haven't posted anything Bag related so let me feast your eyes on some eye candy!!

Mummy and I went into LV, Suria KLCC over the weekend as mummy was thinking of getting something to mark her retirement. On the way to LV, we spotted a girl carrying a smaller version of the LV Kimono and it was so cute!!

So first thing we wanted to see was the Kimono PM.

Kimono PM

This comes with a shoulder strap as well. I love the size and since it's in black it would make the perfect work bag! This one is RM11,200.

Then I looked at other bags, just for fun.
I have been eyeing on the Lockme II BB as well. I wanted to see if it was heavy especially with the metal short handle but it's not so heavy. That short strap is pretty short though.

This LV Twist WOC is cute as well. I love small handbags now since I usually have to carry the big diaper bag.

Tried this one for fun! They have it in all black too!

It's crazy how expensive LV bags are these days! Most of the bags are close to RM10k.
Oh the SA who served us was called Hanif and he was so nice and accommodating. So ask for him if you need help in LV ok?

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  1. Yes LV is so crazy expensive. I have been eyeing the lockme BB too but can't get myself to pay so much for such a small bag


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