Wednesday, 30 November 2016

n1co Rosberg is the World Champion

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you would have read my post about Nico Rosberg and how he was so kind to sign my cap after I called out to him so many times during the KLCC signing.

So last weekend was the last race of the season and it was neck-to-neck between Rosberg and Hamilton. With Hamilton winning the last 3 races, it was going to a close one. After qualifying, HAM was in Pole position which meant that ROS had to finish at least third to come away as the World Champion.

The race started off as expected, HAM had a good start and ROS maintained his P2. However in the at lap 20, ROS who had dropped to 3rd was instructed to overtake Max Verstappen. Verstappen is a pretty agressive kid, so anything could happen. But ROS overtook him easily and with no mistakes. PHEW! Then Vettel who had changed to fresher tyres was catching up. Meanwhile HAM started to slow down in the hope of backing ROS into the rest! The last few laps were gut wrenching! Mercedes even told HAM to speed it up TWICE (as Vettel was catching up) but he IGNORED the instructions from Toto and told them to "Let us race". In the last lap, Vettel tried to overtake Rosberg but ROS was having none of it! He defended well and finished 2nd and became the WORLD CHAMPION.

4 laps remaining and you can see how close everyone is to each other!

The whole Lewis ignoring the instruction has been making headlines. Personally I think it made the race a very interesting, gut wrenching, nerve wrecking one! I am just glad that his "dirty tricks" did not pay off for Lewis. I have also been reading so many articles doubting it NICO is a deserving WC since they kept saying how Lewis' car have failed him and that's the only reason Lewis lost this year's championship. But honestly, Nico is a great driver, a very committed one and he was been working HARD to win and I am so happy that he finally WON! He has always been such a nice person, a driver who loves his fans and I am proud to say that I am one of his fans!


Also do you remember my blurry selfie with Nico??
My sister who works at Petronas was invited for the World Championship celebrations yesterday and the lucky girl managed to get a CLEAR selfie with NICO. I am jealous beyond words!!

Now the season is over so we all have to wait another 4 months! But next year should be very interesting as rules have changed so it'll be interesting to see who will come up with the best car. Apparently they are bringing back the noisy engines too!!! Whheeeeee....

So no more F1 blogposts until next year!

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