Tuesday, 24 January 2017

35th Birthday

I turned 35 a week ago! Woweee...so old so old!

Anyways the birthday celebrations kicked off with Diana. She treated me to tea and scones at Starhill Gallery. She was 37 weeks at the time and I knew I had to catch up with her quick before she gave birth so I meet up with her on Friday evening before my birthday.

On my birthday weekend, we had a wedding to attend to in Penang so we went back to our kampung on Saturday. Prior to that, we made a quick stop to KLCC to buy my birthday present from Kimi. After searching high and low, I finally settled on this watch.

On Sunday, we checked into Hard Rock after briefly attending the wedding. Nazrin who came down with some tummy bug was vomiting since Saturday. At the wedding, he slept so we decided to leave after eating. Thankfully and miraculously, Nazrin was all better after seeing the pool! Phew!

Upon checking into our room, HRC was kind enough to give me a birthday cake! Yums!

Dinner that night was obviously at HRC. The boys were tired already, so we quickly ate dinner and went back to the room by 8.30pm! After quickly putting the boys to bed, Kimi and I stayed up to watch a horror movie called "UNFRIENDED". It had a Blair Witch concept, (using webcams) and revolved around killings via social media. Do check it out! It was a pretty good movie.

The boys absolutely loved the pool! It had a sizeable waterplay area for Aaman to walk around and play with and A few slides which Nazrin loved. The private beach section was also nice and clean.

Overall, we loved our stay at the HRH. And this is my fave pic of the family! Look at cheeky Aaman sticking his tongue out too!

The next day on the way back, I was suddenly hit with food poisoning instead! Whilst I was in between of throwing up, my aunty from Hanna Petals came by and gave me a bunch of flowers! Super sweet!

I also finally opened up my gift from Diana. I wanted to wait until it's actually my birthday to open it but in the rush of going to Penang, coming back with food poisoning, I didn't get a chance to open it! She got me an LV twilly! I need to bring it to LV with my bag and get them to put it on!

I also had lunch with my CBA's last Friday. I was a pretty rushed lunch as I had a Board meeting that evening but I am so glad we managed to get together.

Thank you for the yummy millie crepe cakes! At one point before my birthday, I did want the salted caramel one!

Over the weekend, I celebrated with my Sexy Bombshells and I chose karaoke! We did this 2 years ago and it was so much fun. So happy and grateful for the girls who could make it. Wished the rest could come too but one was in confinement, two were working, one was sick and one had family thing.

Last but not least, a small cake cutting with my family (well more like the niece and nephews!). Thanks hubs for buying the cake!

Alhamdulillah for another year. Thank you for all the birthday wishes and presents. Another blessed year of being loved. As for myself, I wish to improve myself further. I always feel like I need to go for some spiritual cleansing, get closer to Allah. No idea where to start though. Let's try and make it happen this year!

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