Monday, 6 February 2017

Party on a Friday night!

Last Friday night, I received a party invitation from my Aunty for her daughter (my cousin's) 15th birthday party. It was last minute, where they booked the venue at 3pm but it turned out to be an awesome party! The party was held at Bora Ombak, Putrajaya.

As this is my aunt who owns Hanna Petals (the best florist in Bangi!), of course the decorations for the party was beautiful. I didn't expect it to be so grand!

This is the birthday girl! Happy birthday Nurin!

This is the owner of Hanna Petals!

The venue had its own live band which kept us entertained! My family love singing and dancing, you should see us in a karaoke! This time was no different, although there were some other people there, but we didn't really care! heheh we partied like it was ours.

My ever so talented cousin Nuha also entertained us by singing a few songs. The live band were impressed by her voice and the lady singer was grateful that she managed to rest for a few songs!

They also had beanbags facing the live band and overlooking the marina.

So all in all, it turned out to be a happening party! Even Nazrin (well he loved running around jumping on the bean bags) and Aaman enjoyed it. Both kids were not asleep until they got in the car (which was around 11.30pm!). We were all so happy that everyone managed to join the party, a great get together with the Tok Noh clan!

 Happy birthday Nurin and also Happy Anniversary Mak La and Uncle Muaz!!

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