Monday, 13 March 2017

Teerah's 30th Birthday

My sister turned 30 this year, wow that made me feel old!
She wanted a simple celebration and wanted to eat chili crab so off we went to Jibby Chow.
The food at Jibby Chow was delicious! The chili crab was so yummy and the mun tao bread was so huge so it was satisfying. Usually mun toa breads are tiny so one is never enough. However in this case it was! Sorry tak sempat snap pic of the food, we were too hungry!

Her friends ordered a giant cronut for her. I was too full to have any :P Might have some at home later.

The whole bunch (her best friends) at the party.

When you try to take pics but you're a mum! So you get clingy kids in the frame too!

Happy birthday Mek Ya. Although I complain that you treat me like a driver, my car daily car rides would be a bore without you. It also makes us closer (as we're always stuck together for hours each day). I wish you good health and happiness always! I laa you.

Make up for the night;

Foundation : NARS in pujab
Powder : MAC in NC40
Brows : Benebrow Goof Proof  pencil
Eyeshadows : Master Palette by Mario 
Mascara : Too faced Better than Sex
Lipstick : Charlotte Tilbury in Very Victoria

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