Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Biscuit Cornflakes Recipe

This is one of my favourite Raya cookies. Every time when I get to my grandma's house for Raya, I would be searching for a tin of these cornflakes biscuits. Usually my aunty Mak Na would bake them. I remembered a while back when I was still in the UK, I emailed her for the recipe. But I never got to actually baking them.

So this year, I asked for the recipe again. So she sent me a pic of the recipe which was from a page of a magazine.

Feeling very the semangat, I bake it over the weekend. And when I say semangat, I don't have an oven you see, so I lugged Mama's Butterfly Oven to my house for the day!

This was the first batch which had plenty of cornflakes coated into the batter one by one.

By the second batch, I was running low of cornflakes so I just crushed them and mixed it into the batter. Saves so much time!

I was super nervous to bring the cookies to my in laws for everyone else to taste coz obviously I couldn't taste it first! But Alhamdulillah it tasted so GOOD! It was a fail safe recipe!! Super easy so give it a try!!

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