Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Review - Breena Beauty Reviews : Velvetcreme and Blending Pearl

I was super excited when I found out that Breena Beauty has created their own blending sponge called the Blending Pearl! So I definately snapped one up! I also added one of their Velvet Creme (liquid matte lippy) to the cart in Macaroon.

Breena Beauty Haul

Love the packaging

1. Velvet Creme in Macaroon

I was super impressed with the formulation. It was nicely scented (kinda like candy-ish but mild) and definitely not drying on the lips. Long lasting on the lips too. I was compare this very close to my fave Huda beauty matte lippy! I can't believe a local brand achieve this kind of quality and more over I am proud to claim that I know the owner, a fellow blogger - Sabrina Tajudin. I have purchased another brand of matte liquid lip, this one was under one of the famous Malaysian Make Up artist and I DID NOT like it. It was drying, tasted a bit like paint and was a pain to take off. I used it once and never used it again.

Left - Huda in Ikon
Right - Breena Beauty Velvet Creme in Macaroon

I am sorry to report that Macaroon is out of stock though.

2. Blending Pearl

Another great product! I have to hand it to Sabrina on the quality of her products. I compared this against the Real Techniques and the Blending Pearl WON HANDS DOWN!
It is recommended that the sponge is damp for a flawless application.

Before wetting the sponges
Left - RT
Right - Blending Pearl
Once dampened, the sponges at least double in size.

Damp sponges

The Blending Pearl has very small "holes" (at a lack of describing it) which gives the more flawless look upon foundation application.

Blending Pearl texture - smaller holes
Where as the RT sponge has bigger holes. Therefore with the RT, you will need to blend more.

RT texture

Here is my look upon using the Blending Pearl for foundation! LOVE IT!

The prices for the items are;

Velvet Creme - RM39 
Blending Pearl - RM35

Buy them from HERE

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