Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Genting Premium Outlet Haul

After our lunch at Burger & Lobster at Sky Avenue, we went down Genting and headed to the newly opened Genting Premium Outlet (GPO). It was as if, we had lunch in London and then went to Bicester for shopping!

Getting there:

The place was a mere half an hour away from KL and it's midway between the bottom of Genting and Sky Avenue (ie the top). So it's a great alternative to going to JPO, tauted as the best Factory Outlet in Malaysia.

The shops:

There are Kate Spade, Micheal Kors and Coach to satisfy your handbag needs. Kate Spade and Micheal Kors had additional discount offers which were awesome. I ended up buying from both of these stores. However I noted that there are still a few stores which are not yet opened. There was no GAP or Ralph Lauren kids. In terms of clothes for kids they had Cotton On kids and Poney. You can check out the full list of stores here.

The Haul:

So what did I get? First I got these sunnies from Micheal Kors and I bought them for RM173.50 which was a STEAL. This had an additional 15% on top of the discount off the retail price! MK's offer was great has you didn't have to buy more than one items to get the additional discount.

I bought new slippers (ala Fit Flops) from Clarks. Hopefully these will last longer than my Fit Flops!

Lastly we went back to Kate Spade for the birthday to get her birthday bag. There was an offer of additional 15% off for items on 30% off retail price (effectively 40% off). I almost got myself another handbag but thankfully I didn't. I actually really needed a new phone casing but they mostly had iPhone 7 ones. However after trying it, it fits my current phone so I got it! Love my new casing as it matches the rose gold hue perfectly!

So overall we had a wonderful time shopping at GPO! Would definitely go again when all the shops are open. I saw that Hamleys, Ted Baker and TODs are due to open soon! I think I'll go again and bring Mummy next time. She merajuk a bit when she saw that I went without her :p

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