Friday, 4 August 2017

Naked Heat always out of stock I had to find an alternative!

The new Naked Heat has been out of stock in Sephora. I tried KLCC and Avenue K and so far no luck!

But actually when I look at the palette, the 2 colours that I am drawn to is Dirty Talk and Scorched. Love the orange, bronzy hues and the glitter in these two shades.

So then I went for a search of a dupe on these two shades. After browsing around I found something similar! Yeayyy!!

This is Fireball S09 from NYX. I think it's a nice mix between the 2 shades so it's close enough!

It retails for RM35 so it's super cheap. The formulation is good as well as it is smooth and velvety. What a great saving and I am super proud of myself for this purchase instead of spending RM230 for a whole palette!

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