Monday, 21 August 2017

Sheila Majid Concert - a night out with mummy!

I remembered when I was small, Sheila Majid performed at Kuala Kangsar and I really wanted to go. At the time I was still in primary school so obviously I couldn't go. I have always been a fan of hers and have always dreamed about seeing her live. Even when I was back in the UK, I loved listening and singing to her songs. 

When I saw that she was finally performing in her own country, I knew that THIS IS IT! I HAVE TO GO! So I managed to get 2 tickets. I invited my sister (remember the last concert that we went to?) but she didn't really want to go but she told me that Mummy really teringin so I invited my Mummy along!

On the day of the concert, Mummy and I decided to take the MRT to Stadium Negara so I didn't have to think about parking. So for the first time, off we went to ride the MRT.

Waiting for our ride
I parked the car at Kajang Station which has a 4 storey multi level carpark. The whole journey took 42 minutes from Kajang Station and I couldn't help but feel proud. The MRT was on time and efficient and the stations looked modern with great connectivity to other public transport. We disembarked at the Merdeka Station and the station was directly in front of the concert venue!

Outside the Stadium

At our seat
In short, the concert was amazing! Her voice was still so good at 52 years old! She covered songs from the early days all the way to her current album Boneka. Her band was so good as well, but unfortunately our seats were to the very left of the stage. So our view was limited and we couldn't see the band. We also missed out on the great lighting too but it's ok coz we really just wanted to hear her voice LIVE! I also loved how she interacted with the audience. Telling us stories that lies behind a particular song. She shared how she struggled to put her last album together where she rejected songs from so many song writers. However when she met Toh Pati (an Indonesian songwriter), she asked for some songs to which he replied "Yes you already rejected them!". So he sent her more songs which most of it was featured in her Boneka album. Toh Pati was there to perform with her along with her husband who played the piano.  I have to admit though that I love her slow songs better than the rancak ones. 

The great singer herself

Sheila Majid
Mummy and I danced to a few songs during the concert and I obviously sang my heart out when Dia and Antara Anyer dan Jakarta came out! However, I forgot to check when the last train to go back was so after 11pm I told Mummy that we had to make a move. So we missed out on a few songs at the end, but it was enough. I was a GREAT concert and Mummy and I had a wonderful time! 

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