Friday, 22 September 2017

September Haul including dUCk cosmetics review

Time for this month's haul!

I am getting quite broke by this unhealthy habit! Anyways, this month's haul includes;

  1. 2 tops from poplook
  2. dUCk cosmetics - Snazzy Stella and the Nude Pallete
  3. dUCk scarves - scarves bag
  4. plates from Tupperware
  5. Random stuff from Mr. DIY
  6. dUCk scarves - kuih koci

So let's check out the Nude Palette by dUCk Cosmetics. 

When I swatched it at the counter, it was dry and patchy! I was quite disappointed and unimpressed. Then the Sales Girl asked whether she would like me to try it. So I thought, yeah sure let's give it a go. So she selected a few colours and put it on my eyelids (one side). Then after she was done she asked me to do it myself on the other side. When I put it on, it was smooth, easy to blend and soft. Totally different to the one I swatched! The Sales Girl also gave great tips on how to apply and create a look. She even did my brows using the eyeshadow. After that I was SOLD! So I was super impressed by the quality of the eyeshadows! Great job dUCk!

I also just HAD to buy the liquid matte. I chose Snazzy Stella which is a pinkish/coralish colour. I have to admit, this is a bit drying (when compared to Huda of course!) but if I put on some lip oil before that, then it great and last long too. I preferred the formula for the lipstick but didn't like the choice of colours available. Although they release new colours today which sold out and have been restocked again! I would recommend that instead of the liquid mattes. But they eyeshadows are a definite WIN!

So did you get any new make up? Fenty and new Peach line from Too Faced looked good! MUST STAY AWAY!

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