Monday, 2 October 2017

The Taaras - Pulau Redang

Post Pulau Rawa, Nazrin started taking an interest in snorkeling. Being the doting father that Kimi is who loves to do things that his kids love, he is now more open to the idea of beach holidays. Yeay!! So when my sister in law suggested a trip to Redang, we jumped on board! Yeay!

We rented a car to drive us to Merang Jetty in Kuala Terengganu. We departed from Bangi just passed midnight. With stops and a detour due to road closure, we arrived in KT in the morning. It was a long journey and a pretty tiring one as I couldn't sleep at all. Luckily we arrived in time for the boat which took us to Pulau Redang.

The boat ride took 45 minutes. It was fast and slightly choppy. The poor maid was so scared the whole time! The kids enjoyed the ride!

We booked the garden room which was the cheapest at RM800++ per night. This is the farthest from the beach but it had a nice veranda with view of the forest and monkeys. If you had extra money, do book the beach front rooms! The view there was too die for!

Day 1

After checking in, we all slept in the room after lunch. We were all tired from the travelling and it was just TOO HOT outside. We waited until 4.30pm to go to the beach. The beach was the best part with super soft white sand which Aaman truly enjoyed. Nazrin went snorkeling and there were plenty of fish just by the beach. However I felt that the fish at Pulau Rawa were more colourful. We had to go to the Marine Park to see more variety of fish.

Day 2

After breakfast, we all headed to the beach again. Nazrin went snorkeling while Aaman and I swam in the water or played with the sand. We were there until midday and stopped for lunch.

After lunch we all rested and slept. Again it was way too hot to be outside in the afternoon. We planned to go to the Marine Park at 5pm. We were picked up by a van and went on a small private boat to the Marine Park. 

As it was Sunday evening, all the other tourists were gone and we were the only ones there.

I really wanted to see turtles, but there were none at the hatching centre. There were plenty of fishes when we went snorkeling and they were naughty too! They kept biting our legs! I also got the opportunity to snorkel around an old shipwreck! That was the first time for to snorkel that far and to see fishes around an old shipwreck was so cool! A turtle also swam by but I totally missed it! 

Day 3

Since we didn't see any turtles yesterday, I said to myself "we HAVE to find turtles today!!"
So we rented a kayak to search for the turtles. Apparently the tame and friendly ones were just in front of our hotel. We got a kayak for each family and off we went! We headed toward the turtle bay and lo and behold, we found them!

The turtles swam around and under us. It was so magical to see them up close! Kimi even got to touch them! If you went with the hotel boat, you can even swim and feed them. But we wanted to save money but apparently it didn't cost that much. A friend paid RM50 to the hotel to take them but the hotel sign said RM60 per person? So I suggest that you ask the hotel how much it is. 

Anyway this was the highlight of my trip! We even got many cool shots of the turtles and us from my sister in law.

So there you go! Our Redang trip. Now I am counting days to our Japan trip!

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