Thursday, 23 November 2017

Japan Day 3 - Denden Town and Dotonbori

After a full day at the circuit, we had a late start on the following day.

We decided to check out Denden town which is a toy heaven for the boys (namely Appa and Nazrin) and to walk to Dotonbori.

Check out our day in this video!

As it turns out Denden town was nearby our place. All we had to do was walk straight from the main street of the apartment. The boys were looking for some toys/figurines.

Honestly, mummy was pretty bored out of her mind and can't wait to do some proper shopping! Nazrin bought a samurai figurine with 3 samurais.

After Denden town we walked to Dotonbori! This is the street food area, famous for its colourful 3D signs. Kimi lined up to get some crab for us and OMG it was soo good! So juicy and sweet! We just had lunch just before we got there. Otherwise I would have loved to eat the Crab lunch set! We also lined up to get the Takoyaki which was yummy!

Then we finally arrived at the Glico man and I took the customary Glico Man pose!

Here is a shot of the Glico Man at night. I went out one night after the kids fell asleep especially to take this night shot!

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