Friday, 29 December 2017

Day 4 - Universal Studios Japan (Don't bother going if you have kids under 6!)

Hello...let's continue my Japan travel blog!
Read Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3 if you haven't!

Day 4 is USJ! Initially this wasn't on my itinerary at all but my sister in law said that we couldn't miss USJ. So at the last minute I bought the USJ tickets through Klook.

Upon reading blogs on USJ, it was highly recommended that we buy the express pass tickets coz the queues were long! Not wanting to waste time, I bought them. THEY WERE EXPENSIVE! I am essentially paying double for USJ. But what the heck, it's a holiday so just swipe! hehe

The Klook app was very useful because I could use the app itself to scan at the entry gates. As for the express pass tickets, we have specific time slots for Harry Potter and Flying Dinasour. Then we could pick and chose to use another 2 express pass for certain hot rides.

Express Pass - you need to choose one ride from each catagory

We took the train to USJ and arrived around 11am. The place was already packed!!

Here we go!

The rides that we aimed for were Jurassic Park, JAWS and Harry Potter. So we headed to Jurassic Park first where Kimi and Nazrin went in first. I stayed outside with Aaman who was due for his nap so I managed to him so sleep while waiting for the boys at Jurassic Park. Then after they finished it was MY TURN! YEAYY!! I am a huge fan of roller coasters so I was SUPER EXCITED! 

Jurassic Park ride
Using the Express Pass really saves time! So at this point I was very happy that we bought them!

We grabbed some lunch near the Jaws area and to our dismay, JAWS ride was shut for the day! I was super disappointed as this was the ride we looked forward to which Aaman could go on as well. So then we proceeded to Harry Potter World.

A pic with Jaws

We are not major Harry Potter fans, but it was still magical to walk and enter into Harry Potter's world. Prior to our Japan trip we even got Nazrin to watch the movie so that he would get excited. So by the time we got to the Harry Potter world, we knew that he wanted to get a wand.


I couldn't miss out on buying some butterbeer which is essentially ice cream soda with caramel sauce. It was super yummy but a tad too sweet. Our designated time for the Harry Potter ride was at 2.30pm so we started to get in line using the Express Pass. Here is where it went downhill from there on. NAZRIN WAS NOT TALL ENOUGH FOR THE RIDE! I couldn't believe it! He was short by a few inches. By then we were so disappointed and obviously I couldn't go for the ride and ditch the rest of the family! Kimi wasn't keen on the rides anyway. So off we went to distract Nazrin and told him about the Terminator ride. Prior to leaving the Harry Potter world, he bought the illuminating wand and he was happy! PHEW!

My Harry!

When they went for the Terminator ride, I tried taking Aaaman for the 4D Sesame Street show. That didn't last long as he started crying a few minutes after it started. We waited for an hour for Kimi and Nazrin to return. Apparently, even with the Express Pass they still had to wait for a long time for the ride. We also had one designated time slot for the Flying Dinasour which is a roller coaster which looked AWESOME! But that was for 5.30pm and everyone was knackered already. So in the end I only used 1 Express Pass out of 4. BOO!! I really wanted to go on more rides but it was impossible with kids around. I should have only bought 2 (1 Adult 1 Child) Express Passes instead of 3 (2 Adults 1 Child) as Kimi and I could use one pass between the 2 of us.

So there you go, our trip to USJ which costed us so much! But eventhough it was expensive and I didn't get to ride the roller coasters, the kids still had a nice time! So that's what matters most. Here's the video of our day at USJ! Enjoy!

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