Sunday, 14 January 2018

2018 Birthday wish list

Not looking forward to turning 36 tomorrow! So to cheer myself up a bit let's see what I wish for my birthday!


Ultimate wishlist is this Dior handbag! But even the small one is around RM13k, I can't justify such purchase! I would love a WOC version in the same colour! But apparently that's not even out yet!

Muji Diffuser

I have been using essential oils and would love to start diffusing them too. But not sure if Kimi would like the smell though.

Diptyque Baies Candle

All time, no 1 fave candle scent ever!


I am running out of my current Nars concealer (in Custard).

White dUCk Satin Silk

Any white satin silk is perfect to be matched with outfits for weddings.

Thin sejadah

Loving this one from Naelofar. Thin sejadahs are perfect to bring for travelling.

Nice tops!

Can never have enough tops for work and weekends.

Calligraphy lessons

I always perasan that I have a nice handwriting and would love to learn calligraphy!

Make up classes

As you all know, I love make up and I always complain that I always do the same look. So I would love to learn other looks and also pick up neat make up tips and tricks.

So there you go. This year's list but really would love a little prayer from everyone for great health, lots of rezeki and happiness. Thank you!

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