Thursday, 30 May 2013

Activity Pages

Every now and then I look for activities for the Little Man to tear him away from his iPad. Yes, HIS iPad. His vocab at 22 months does include "abis tee" for "Habis Battery" (the battery is finished). So non iPad activities are always good so off I go on the www on a search.

Then I came across a blog about Quiet Books from
What is a Quiet Book? It is a book made of felt or any other materials with lots of activitites.
If you google "Quiet Books" there are a bunch of free templates available and they are so beautifully hand sewn.

Unfortunately, I don't sew so I didn't make a book but a few pages instead.
Instead of sewing I used velcro and fabric glue.

Here are my Quiet Pages

A DRAGON - to practice counting

- Detachable spots and spikes using velcro

- You can count the spots and spikes with your toddler

MR AND MRS POTATO HEAD - to practice body parts

- Body parts practice for Mr and Mrs Potato Head

- Matching colours (match the same coloured hat with the same coloured shoe)

Verdict from Nazrin?

Honestly he only played with these only a few times! He liked tearing off the spots and spikes and throwing them away.

As for the Potato Heads he only played with the body parts for a few minutes then lost interest. Will try to get him to play with them again. I found that when I introduce a new toy to him he doesn't always get interested right away. Like his knob puzzle, he didn't play with it until months after I bought it. Will take these pages with us on our next road trip to keep him occupied!

Here is the link to get the templates!


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