Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Avillion Port Dickson Premier Club

A few weekends ago was my husband's birthday so I treated him to a getaway at our fave hotel in Port Dickson.

After searching for the cheapest rate for their Premium Water Chalet through their own website,, even asked for a quote from a travel agent I remember my uncle saying that I could get cheaper rate if I joined their Premier Club. So I decided to call their sales agent to find out. 

Basically you pay RM598 for a year and you automatically get one complimentary night stay at Avillion PD which is RM600 (weekends) or RM500+ (weekdays) so you pretty much get back your money. This card applies to Avillion PD, Avillion Admiral Cove and Avillion Legacy Melaka. You also get another complimentary night stay at either AAC or ALM. There are numerous other vouchers which all comes in a booklet form.

There is also dining privileges where if there is 2 of you, there is a 50 percent discount on your food. So babyboy is not yet counted so that's a pretty nice saving.

We also used up our "One Hour Free Karaoke" which surprisingly Nazrin loved and hogged the mike! Luckily he was sleepy half way through so I put him to sleep and then Mummy and Appa continued our karaoke session.

Why we love Avillion so much is that they are perfect for family getaways. Little Man loves the pet farm. Last time we went he was barely walking so we carried him around while showing him the rabbits and chickens. This time around he was chasing and feeding the animals.

They also have a private beach with practically no public people around. And again Little Man literally ran towards the sea! Their pools are of a good size with with a separate baby pool complete with slides. Little Man loved swimming and he was doing dolphin actions where he bobs his head up and down (really have NO idea where he picked that up!)

They also have a spa which I didn't have time to check out. Only went to their Spa Louuge overlooking the sea. As kids are not allowed up there I only managed to take a pic of the lounge and also a selfie hehe

All in all, I think it's definitely worth signing up if you intend to stay there at least twice in a year. If you want to find out about all the vouchers included in the package do drop me an email. Let me know if you want to sign up as after 3 referrals I get a free LUNCH! email me at


  • Great big rooms with an extra pangkin bed
  • Big bathrooms with a bathtub and a rainwater shower (open air shower too where you can look up to the sky when showering)
  • Private beach
  • Pet farm


  • The pet rabbits could be cleaned up a little bit as they do look a bit dirty (lots of sanitizers afterwards)
  • Their playroom is huge but with limited toys! (Just some blocks which looked old) I mean surely you could invest in little cars and lots of other toys! Perhaps a mini library too. They had a TV with cartoon network switched on instead


We love this place (hence signing up to the Premier Club!)

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